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2022 Message


Hello, I am wrapping up the year 2022 this week for a much needed two week tech free holiday to spend time with cherished family and friends.

Funny how it seemed only yesterday that I retreated to reflect on the year 2021. I treasure this time of the year because it gives me a rare opportunity to conduct an inventory of my motivations and values; my relationship with my family, friends, and colleagues; and, my work. But, it is also a time to assess my learning curve and to identify areas of improvement. I cherish the moment because it is the time of the year when I get to compose my year-end review of the year, not just a catalogue of the chronology of my activities, but also my heart and my business soul.

Since the first day of my journey as an entrepreneur, I have had many motivations. Some of them lingered longer than others but these two remained – my passion to bring about a positive impact and my desire for a unique approach to an inclusive communication environment with a personal touch. Since 2019 when I founded my business, I could share some stories about people whose lives were touched because of the work I did to address a need in the workplace or even in the home. It has been even more rewarding for me to witness the joy of satisfying the people I serve. This is the most compelling reason for why I do the things I do every day. I also did this for personal, actually I could say selfish reasons, I want a world that happily accommodates people who communicate differently. No one should be left out. In providing inclusive communication training and teaching American Sign Language, their willingness to assume responsibility for others is something I wouldn’t even consider exchanging for anything. I would like to thank all the individuals, businesses and their staff whom I had the privilege to teach since I started. They are doing an exceptional work of changing the lives around them and I would like to assure them that I am more than ready to work alongside them again and possibility with YOU. 

While saying goodbye to 2022, I am looking forward to 2023 and feel certain that the new year will only be more exciting with challenges and great opportunities waiting for all of us. I do have something up my sleeve, I appreciated the feedback given and hope to reveal new online tools in the new year after making it accessible. 

I will resume on January 9th.  Virtual ASL classes will be announced that week. 

I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

Thank you.