Meet the amazing team

[ in alphabetical order ]

Photo of Natasha
ASl Signer

Natasha “Courage” Bacchus

Actress l Coach l Activist

Courage is Guyanese-Tkaronto who is a strong activist for the BIPOC deaf community, thriving in the world of acting. Courage is an Olympian track runner. She loves keeping fit and provides fitness training.

Photo of Abigail
ASL Signer

Abigail Danquah

Instructor l Host l Activist

Abigail is located in Brampton/London, Ontario, providing linguistic skills training to new people to Canada and often freelances teaching ASL instruction. She is on the board of Black Deaf Canada, and is an activist for diversity in organizations.

Photo of Thurga
ASL Signer

Thurga Kanagasekarampillai

Writer l Director l Actress

Thurga is a proud Tamil living in Toronto, Ontario. She is an emerging writer, director, actor with the Deafies’ Unique Time group. She had a big role as Miranda in The Tempest in Edmonton, Alberta. Continues to improve her craft.

Photo of Gaitrie
ASL Signer

Gaitrie Persaud-Dhunmoon

Actress l Performer l Coach

Gaitrie is Guyanese-Tkaronto who founded ‘Phoenix the Fire’ theatre and community hub in Toronto to elevate QTIBPOC artists and their endeavours. Gaitrie is an ASL musical performer and coaches partners she works with.

Photo of Ali
ASL Signer

Ali Saeedi

Film maker l Actor

Ali moved to Toronto from Iran in 2007. Ali was recently involved in Deaf theatre as director in creation of the film ‘Melt’ and co-produced ‘Deafening Darkness’ as well as performing in it.

ASL Consultant

Erika Stebbings

Instructor l Consultant

Erika studied and worked as a social worker then shifted her focus to deeping her expertise in ASL, becoming a certified ASL consultant. Erika is currently completing her M.A. in Sign Language Education at Gallaudet University.