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Groups of Queen's students posing with Leah

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I provide workshops on \”A Deaf Perspective.\” I teach through experience and knowledge of Deaf Culture, Deaf community and American Sign Language. I was referred to Accessibility Queen\’s at Queen\’s University to provide my workshop, taught a motivated and curious group of Queen\’s students on Saturday, March 24. (Photos provided by Odelle Ma. Top is my selfie with group.)

As a club, Accessibility Queen’s aims to raise awareness for disability issues, combat ableism, and improve accessibility and inclusion on campus, so their goal for having me provide an ASL workshop was to promote Deaf culture awareness and to give students a chance to be exposed to ASL as a language, as many have never seen before.

I taught through PowerPoint and using ASL. The students had fun learning new signs and played a couple activities to help them remember the signs. I\’m amazed how quickly they picked up signs, could have taught 10 hours worth of signs in an hour!  Many thanks to Odelle Ma & Clarabelle Lee, Co-Chairs for having me.

Those who attended, remember you select the time, place for you and your friends to continue learning ASL, and I will schedule and teach!

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