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If you’ve been trying to learn ASL by cobbling together googled resources, free downloadables, and YouTube videos, and you haven’t really got anywhere. Or if you’ve simply always wanted to learn, but felt like you couldn’t. You’re not alone. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to know what you don’t know.


Learning a new language is one thing.
Speaking a new language is another thing.

Signing a language?
Well, that’s a whole other thing.

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Learning a new language can be challenging. ASL can seem particularly difficult. If you don’t have a Deaf person in your life, ASL won’t likely be something you see daily. Or monthly or yearly, for that matter. This can make learning (and practicing) complicated. And yet, there is nothing quite like that uncomfortable, awkward feeling of not knowing how to say something!

You’ve been relying on passive learning methods. Memorizing vocabulary or
fingerspelling without practicing will lead to trouble retaining and applying your knowledge. Your skills will feel weak, and you may feel uncomfortable. Without qualified instructors, practical materials, interactive resources, and opportunities to run through the new information, it is not surprising that you aren’t a thriving ASL signer.

Traditional ASL courses are letting you down.

Let’s be real. Saying “learning ASL is easy” would be pretty ableist. It’s not easy for everyone. And it might not be easy for you either. But learning ASL is not the impossible challenge it’s sometimes made out to be. It’s just that traditional ASL courses may not be the most effective way to learn. The teaching methods can be inflexible. They can fail to consider the students’ various learning styles and preferences. Sometimes, these courses ignore or gloss over critical concepts such as deaf culture and deaf gain, which are essential to understanding ASL as a whole.

You’re learning a living language. Not a dead one.


When ASL is treated like a static language, the focus often becomes: memorizing and regurgitating. But ASL is a living language like any other. It is constantly evolving. It has regional dialects. It has geographical accents.

Without acknowledging the nuances of the language and the deaf community, it can be tough to engage with ASL. Harder still to retain it. You’re stuck relying on your brain to recall memorized movements and concepts.

Without real-world context to place this new knowledge, it’s likely to get data-dumped. It’ll end up like the trigonometry and the cloud classification system you learnt in high school. Gone, gone, gone.

Let Sign2Thrive be your practical self-learning course

Helping you on your journey to communicating without sound.

Sign2Thrive is an immersive self-learning course to help aspiring ASL learners understand the basics of American Sign Language. And use them. Our program combines workbooks, video lessons, and interactive activities for a comprehensive learning experience.

You will learn to:

  • Train your eyes
  • Train your hands
  • Parameters
  • Fingerspelling
  • Grammar Basics
  • Numbers

Your course includes:

  • A workbook to guide you
  • Voice Overs
  • Captions
  • Short actionable video lessons

*Every part of the lessons are culturally taught.

There is no one right way to learn. Only the right way for you.

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If you’re new to ASL and signing, Sign2Thrive will set you up with the basics and then some. By using multiple modes of delivery (voice over, workbook, closed captions, and sign) you’re able to use applied layered learning or choose only those that work best with your brain. This is your learning experience.

We want you to learn ASL, not learn to copy ASL signs.

Sign2Thrive is our only course that provides voice over. Meant as the bridge between the new information and your understanding. With practice you’ll emerge from Sign2Thrive able to “take the training wheels off” so to speak. You’ll be ready to communicate with confidence.

You’ll have reached that sweet spot in learning any new language. If I don’t know how to say something, at least I know how to ask.

What people are saying.

“The Sign2Thrive course is engaging and offers a fresh approach to teaching ASL. It establishes a strong foundation for understanding ASL grammar and syntax in a culturally appropriate context. The modules are well-structured and provide clear explanations and helpful tips for using the language effectively. One notable advantage of this course is the ability for students to revisit and review the instructional videos as needed, enabling them to process and retain the information more effectively compared to traditional classes. While this course is primarily designed for novice language learners, it also offers benefits to more experienced signers. As second language learners, there's always room for improvement, and Sign2Thrive provides a valuable avenue for enhancing ASL skills..”
Alice D.
Signer for 20+ years
“Learning another language is no easy endeavour. SignAble Vi5ion’s affordable and easy-to-navigate training modules provided me with basic ASL techniques and industry-specific phrases that made incorporating ASL into our everyday operations accessible and fun. Even the kids dived into the training!”
Alix Carr-Harris
Haymaker’s Coffee Co.

Sign2Thrive is a great fit for you if:

  • You are completely new to ASL
  • You are looking for the foundational knowledge
  • You are looking for practical tools
  • You have tried other learning methods, and they just haven’t “clicked”
  • You are looking to deepen your understanding and skills before meeting with others to converse in ASL
  • You are looking for ways to live your values of creating an inclusive and diverse world for all

It’s not a great fit for:

  • If you’re overextended and have no margin in your schedule
  • If you’re unable to dedicate even small blocks of time to practice
  • If you’re looking for a quick course with no practice

You’ll probably want take a different course:

  • If you’re an Intermediate-Advanced signer
  • If you’re an Advanced signer
  • If you’re a Qualified/Professional interpreter

And it is definitely not the course for you if…

  • You just want to learn the cussing and cursing. Maybe skip this and be on your merry way.
  • You are already at ASL proficiency Level 5. Go you! Skip this.

Sign-up Details

The course includes 43 core videos (between 2-10 mins each) and bonus resources (explanatory extras to help further your learning.)

The course has been designed with an instructional designer. Short-focused lessons are made to divide concepts into targeted, actionable training.

Once you register, you’ll immediately gain access to your online portal, where you can begin working through the course material at your own pace.

s2t leah


Sign2Thrive is an immersive self learning course to help aspiring ASL learners understand the basics of American Sign Language. Our program combines workbooks, video lessons, and interactive activities for a comprehensive learning experience.

After completing the Sign2Thrive course, you’ll have a foundational grasp of ASL and be prepared to start conversing in American Sign Language with confidence. You’ll be equipped with the skills needed to fingerspell, read signs, and practice them at home or with others.

The majority of ASL courses are designed to be learnt in years. Spread out over semesters or several years of school.

My goal is for people to understand grammar NOW, not later. And then build their vocabulary and phrases gradually afterwards. It is the one place to learn the foundations now—Not over a few years.

I’m always asked, “Why is it done this way?” and “Why that way?” in class. In those moments, it can be hard to explain in chat the nuances of the “why” while speaking (signing) in quite literally another language. The course allows me to share my education, lived experience, and research to provide students with a more rounded experience of signing as a way of communicating.

This course also shows a range of regional signs: East and West, and the USA have some different signs, too. Keep in mind, Sign2Thrive is a CANADIAN course, while others are using American.

Sign2Thrive, and our other courses, are proudly directed and supportive of differences. Different ages, different lifestyles, different genders, hearing statuses, different sign language skill levels, and different reasons for why.

Deaf Culture is a rich and diverse cultural identity that goes beyond just the lack of hearing. It is a distinct cultural community that shares a common language, history, traditions, and values. Deaf Culture is based on shared experiences and a sense of community rooted in the use of sign language as a primary mode of communication. In parallel to French and their Culture.

Sign language is a complete and complex language with its own grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. ASL is one of the most used sign languages in the North America, and it is recognized as a distinct language by linguists.

If you’re new to the world of ASL and signing, Sign2Thrive has got you covered. Our self-paced course breaks down key concepts step-by-step and provides multiple delivery methods (voiceover, workbook, captions, and video lessons) so you can learn in the best way for your brain. You can print your workbook if you prefer to write by hand. And quizzes will be available online as well if you don’t.

Like any other course or person, the answer is: it depends. Hopefully, this info will help give you a better idea. There are approximately 30 hours of video content. Each lesson focuses on targeted training. There are 43 core videos, varying from 2-10 minutes long. The rhythm of the course is meant to be something like: “Watch, practice, watch, practice.”

The lessons are tangible, and still, it will depend on the time and energy you have to give to the practice of learning ASL. The course has tips and tricks for incorporating lessons into daily activities to cement your learning.

Everyone’s learning experience is different. With consistent practice and dedication, you can become comfortable with the basics of ASL within about three months. If you’re approaching the course more casually or between life’s many commitments, you can expect things to go more slowly.

Practicing regularly, even imperfectly, helps you stay in touch with what you have learned and continue to expand your knowledge to develop a true understanding of ASL.

Sign2Thrive is a two-in-one course at level 2. If you were to go to your local college and enroll in an ASL class, this would be like enrolling in ASL 101 AND 201 back to back.

In most other courses, you learn theme topics. This course is general with sentence structure. After this course, you can learn theme vocabulary and construct your own sentences.

Sorry, but we kindly ask that you keep the course to yourself. Unless you’re learning alongside others in your physical household, such as family and roommates. In which case, yay, that’s fantastic. We’re excited you have some folks to practice with you!

If you have a multi-household family or are interested in multiple licenses for a group, reach out to us at info@signablevi5ion.com.
Thanks for understanding!

Our course includes a workbook to guide your learning journey! You’ll also receive Voice Overs, closed captions, and signed videos to help you understand and practice your skills. With this interactive approach, you’ll be able to hone your ASL skills and communicate with confidence.

Once you’ve completed Sign2Thrive, you will get a free pass to Sign2Practice (coming soon), where you can continue to practice fingerspelling and phrases. Sign2Learn is where you can access theme topics on vocabulary and sentence structure. If you’re ready for a group setting, Sign2Chat is where students meet to work on conversational dialogue skills with other practicing signers!

Sign2Mingle is where we all stay in touch as we continue learning and living the practice of ASL.

SignAble Vi5ion does not offer refunds. Once you enroll and make the payment, it is considered a final commitment, and refunds will not be provided.

Since these materials are accessible instantly, refunds cannot be issued once access has been granted. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to assisting you on your ASL learning journey.

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