Sign2Child: Part 1

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maroon background with illustration of a young child with shr=ort brown hair and blue tshirt riding on back of their mom, ILy hand holding dear with their faces pressed together.

Self-Learning Parent Course: Foundations of Daily Life in ASL

$175 + tax

Welcome to the basics, lessons on families, food, everyday routines and more to communicate with your child. As a parent or guardian, it’s important to help your child understand and navigate their everyday life, including their family dynamics, food choices, and daily routines. These lessons will provide you with some fundamental information and practical tips to assist you in teaching your child about these essential aspects of their daily life.

This was created years ago, still of value today and will be updated one day.

We strongly advise taking Sign2Thrive™ (coming soon) as a supplementary resource to learn ASL grammar, as it can enhance your ability to communicate.

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