Sign2Child: Part 2

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maroon background with illustration of a dark skinned father holding his child on his lap having a conversation.

Self-Learning Parent Course: Strengthening Bonds Through Open Conversations!

$175 + tax

As parents & guardians, one of our main goals is to remain close with our children and have open conversations about anything that matters to them – from simple topics like saving money to buy candy at the store, to more serious situations like understanding the death of a family member or discussing safe sex to prevent unplanned pregnancies. It’s even more crucial to have open conversations through ASL to ensure effective communication and maintain a strong bond.

This course comes with vocabulary quizzes.

For parents of Deaf children or those interested in introducing ASL, incorporating Sign2Thrive™ (coming soon) as a supplementary resource, along with Sign2Child Part 1, can lay a solid foundation in ASL basics. This prepares learners for Sign2Child Part 2, an intermediate level course suitable for having a conversation with child in age groups 6-10, 11-15, and 16-20.

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