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Inclusive Communication

Are you a business that meets with clients or customers? Are you providing some form of communication support need in your workplace?

Are you aware that people with communication support needs face widespread exclusion and discrimination? Who are these people?

They are your customers, clients, co-workers, acquaintance, or even your family and friend.

4 blocks in different background colour from left to right: yellow, burgundy, light orange and dark orange. Each block has company logo, and website info. Top Left: illustration of woman standing communicating with man in wheelchair. Top Right: Illustration of two people conspiring with laptop. Bottom left: An illustration of 2 people in safety work vest and hard hats communicating. Bottom right: An illustration of a mother and child looking out the window

Inclusive Communication will enable people with communication support needs to have a more positive experience of services and be less likely to challenge service providers. It can save both time and money for your business and the people who use your services and can improve outcomes for ALL people.

How you wonder? We can help you by improving awareness, knowledge and understanding of various communication support needs.  You will learn how promoting positive attitudes and behaviours, and the importance of showing a willingness to change communication practices to make them more inclusive.

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