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Learn on your own

OK, you asked and I listened!

Go over on my website through the service page you’ll find Business ASL for those who took Corporate Learning training or will realize it benefits their business, here are modules to learn and review signs for specific words and phrases related to your workplace environment at your own pace.

A camera screenshot of a light skin person holding a camera phone displaying the page of illustrated Industries. In the background is a laptop displaying the page. Words  listed on promo from post on blue/green background.

I hired 5 amazing deaf signers in November (yes, had permission and followed Covid protocols) working with an ASL consultant virtually to show you how to express yourself in ASL. No two people are alike. Sign language has its own accent.

I am thankful for my web design & developer putting course together, Tara Cleveland! Seek her out but don’t take her time away from me!

Modules shown are Restaurant servers, Coffee barista and Cashier. There’s more to come or if your business has a specific field you’re looking for, reach out to us.