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Person signing barrier free

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Natasha signing Barrier-Free, using B handshape placed in front of eye crossed then release downwards and outwards in front

Have you had a Deaf customer come in and faced an unfortunate conflict? You may have felt frustrated that you couldn\’t help resolve an issue due to lack of communication. So you decided you wanted to know more about deafness and a bonus, learning sign language. Where do you go to seek such services?

SignABLE Vi5ion can help you! We, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing trainers with CASLI interpreters, offer engaging and friendly resources to provide you an opportunity to be Deaf aware and inclusive in your environment. We offer customized workshops to help you and your team develop the tools and skills necessary. We design signing products to meet your needs, whether its a reminder for your staff inhouse or to be displayed for all to see and enjoy.

Don\’t hesitate to reach out to us, let\’s make accessibility happen to break down barriers!

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