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Closed Captioning Services (CCS) Accessibility Campaign featuring Leah Riddell. Our highly anticipated accessibility campaign is here! Its purpose is to raise awareness on the importance of accessibility. Meet Leah Riddell, Deaf entrepreneur and owner of SignAble Vi5ion. Watch to find out what accessibility means to her. Enjoy!

WPBS Weekly: Inside the Stories – (coverage begins at 13:38).

Sign language is the bridge connecting us to the world of the deaf. SignAble Vi5ion Inc, a business developed by a Kingston woman, teaches ASL within businesses in an effort to bring inclusive communication practices into the workplace. Interviewed by Gail Paquette

Communication is a Two Way street: Building a World of Inclusive Interaction. Guest: Leah Riddell, CEO SignAble Vi5ion on YourTVkingston by Opehlia Rigault Show.

Ophelia explores ways of making communication a two way street and Building a World of Inclusive Interaction with Leah Riddell, CEO SignAble Vi5ion. The Ophelia Rigault show on YourTV (aired Sept 28 2022)

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Leah's Qualifications

  • Certified in ASL Education Program SN ASL Instructor
  • Certified in Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • Trained in Make the Connection Psychology
  • Trained in AODA Customer Service & Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation
  • Member of Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf
  • Member of Sign Language Institute of Canada
  • Member of Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee 2017-2021
  • Founder of S5WAVES Kingston grassroots org.

What People Are Saying

“Ensuring we support Kingstonians ability to more fully participate in the economy is really important. Over the years we have noticed increasing numbers of participants who need accommodations and programs that are designed to support inclusiveness. Leah and SignAble Vi5ion has been a tremendous resource to support our awareness and understanding of how to ensure all our entrepreneurs and business owners can have the best experience possible accessing our supports.”
Donna Gillespie, CEO
Kingston Economic Development Corportation
“Learning another language is no easy endeavour. SignAble Vi5ion’s affordable and easy-to-navigate training modules provided me with basic ASL techniques and industry-specific phrases that made incorporating ASL into our everyday operations accessible and fun. Even the kids dived into the training!”
Alix Carr-Harris
Haymaker’s Coffee Co.
"Leah's training not only prepared our staff for working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing but also for working with all children in an inclusive manner. Her humour and approachable teaching style allowed our team to be open and engaged while participating in our 2 day workshop. This was such an important initial step to increasing access to camps and programs to children in the deaf community, and although we know we still have a lot of work to do, Leah left our team feeling empowered and with the skills required to move forward"
Sara Bolton
Boys and Girls Club, SouthEast
"I enjoyed myself so much. The customer experience jumped out at me as something I had never even thought about, so that was a great reminder where barriers exist and that they need to be overcome."
Tracey Breslin
"I am the Lifestyle Manager at Kingsbridge Retirement and my residents were interested in learning Sign Language as we have recently recruited a server who uses only Sign. We had 10 residents between the ages of 70-90+ who eagerly attended every class. Leah was an AMAZING teacher who had so much patience."
Karina Stickle
Kingsbridge Retirement
"I would recommend this course to any one who is looking for a beginner signing class. At the start of the course I only knew a small amount of ASL but I have not only learned many signs I can use in my daily life and share them with my family members but I also learned more about the sign language culture and why it’s so important. If I ever forgot a word I could always go bad to the last week and look over the helpful video to see how to do that sign."
Joanne Roberts
"Leah is an amazing instructor, our team learned so much through the courses and are looking forward to practicing and continuing to learn. We are also happy to be able to provide better communication with Deaf patrons when they come to our theatre."
Jenn Sartor
Theatre Passe Muraille
"I have worked with Leah for many years. She is an excellent collaborator and brings so much knowledge to the table. She has helped me to better understand Deaf Culture, learn ASL and understand best practices for captions. Leah always shows up, is a joy to be around, and does her best."
Erin Ball
Kingston Circus Arts
"Leah is an amazing teacher and would 100% recommend any course taught by her. I particularly appreciated the care taken to educate us about the history and culture of signs, and showed us the various signs that might be used. Leah gave me ample support within the course to acquire knowledge about ASL and be able to begin to practice to communicate as well. She made the course fun and dynamic, where it was truly the highlight of my week! Thank you Leah!"
Drea Flyne
"I really enjoyed starting my ASL learning journey with Leah. As a kinaesthetic learner, it was so lovely to be able to use my body in a meaningful way to communicate. The course progressed in a really easy to follow way and I found myself eager to practise signing at home."
Emily Hughes
"Leah was extremely welcoming and a fabulous teacher. My favourite moments were when we would just talk together as a group in between the set lessons. This is where we learned some of the nuances of ASL and would learn some specific words outside of the curriculum."
Ceridwen Kingstone
Theatre Passe Muraille
"I personally enjoyed taking this course very much. The course instructor was very kind and helpful. I feel I have learned important basics for signs, I know many colours, numbers, the alphabet, foods, sports, places and more. It is great for beginners because no prior knowledge is required. I would recommend this if you're looking for a welcoming environment to learn ASL. It is a great way to begin to immerse yourself in the culture and I can’t wait to learn more."
Kate McKinley
"Leah and her interpreter were phenomenal. We had such great feedback that our team is looking at how we can have her back again. Thank you so much! "
Stephanie Kaila
"Taking the course was really inspiring for me. I was so happy I was able to understand some of the ASL used in day-to-day life outside of my class: at the news, events or movies. As with the study of any language, it requires time, commitment, and perseverance to practice it. It is totally worth it! It really helped me increase my awareness on the importance of learning it to pursue a more inclusive world. Leah, our instructor, has a great method to learn ASL, and she has a lot of patience too! I would recommend it 100%."
Elizabeth Lopez
"I am really loving taking ASL classes with Leah. I am finding my vocabulary, comprehension and fingerspelling are all coming more and more naturally the more I practice. I am able to identify things around my house and am becoming more confident in having basic conversations in ASL."
Emily H.
" I went from only knowing a very small amount of ASL to knowing many useful words that I can relate to my daily life. It’s important to learn some sign language in case there is a time in your life when you get a job and have a customer who is deaf or hard of hearing that might need your help."
Rowan Crawford
"I am in my third level of ASL lessons with Leah and I think she is awesome! Leah is patient, funny and kind. Leah makes her students feel comfortable learning a new language in a non-judgmental environment. She always has an established lesson plan for each session but she also adapts our lessons to be responsive to our needs and our questions. I could go on and on! If you want to learn ASL, I’d highly recommend signing up for Leah’s classes!"
Elizabeth Lopez
"When my daughter was born (she is hearing), I wanted to teach her sign language as soon as possible. Around 8 months, we started signing with the help of baby sign language classes and we had a lot of fun. But we soon advanced beyond baby signs and took to learning signs with the help of YouTube ASL videos. I knew I wanted to learn proper ASL in a more formal way both for myself and for my daughter. Taking Leah's ASL courses has been so valuable to me and her class continues to be the highlight of my week. Leah is approachable, knowledgeable, and above all, she teaches with a great sense of humour. I often leave class laughing. I feel comfortable bringing my questions to her and she is always happy to elaborate, repeat or explain in regards to any questions I may have. Unlike other Zoom or online courses, this class is a joy! In addition to learning ASL vocabulary, I've learned about Deaf culture and some of the issues of accessibility that we in Canada need to overcome. On top of Leah's wonderful teaching style, the courses are also affordable and have allowed me to advance. I plan to continue taking Signable Vi5ion courses until I am able to speak ASL fluently and I encourage you to start ASL now!"
Champagne Choquer

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