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Metro Girl Signs

image of a Metro storefront at nighttime

Metro in Kingston, I have to praise one of the staff.

Last night I lined up to pay for my groceries, the cashier cleaned the surface before I put my groceries down. I proceed to where I pay with my debit. I signed “1 BAG”, it’s universally obvious. She stocked my items in the bag, looked up and signed “Airplane Card”, I knew exactly what she meant, Air Miles. I was impressed she signed clearly.

I’ve never been asked before and forget I have Air Miles! Most staff would dismiss it when I tell them I’m Deaf or to write it down what they are asking me because I cannot lipread behind a mask. They jump ahead with payment part.

How does she know I’m Deaf? She may have spoken to me behind mask and I didn’t respond. Maybe my signing looked natural to her when asking for one bag, or she took sign language class and learned about reading body language. Does it matter? She found ways to communicate.

I appreciate her efforts and getting me points on my Air Miles!

It’s the littlest things that really puts a smile on my face. Be inclusive in every way possible.