ASL 1 -Winter 2022- Tuesdays @11am


ASL 1 – Beginner ASL course. 10 weeks of 1 hour  classes. Live teacher with a group online.




Start communicating. Try ASL 1.

A beginner ASL course – no prior experience necessary. This course will teach you the vocabulary needed for everyday life. From numbers and letters, to food and family, ASL 1 will give you the start you need to communicate using ASL.

Starts Tuesday January 11, 2021 @ 11am

11am to 12:00pm EST
10 weekly sessions
$150 (no refunds)
Maximum 15 participants
Age 16+ (please contact for special consideration)

  • You will have an unique opportunity to understand Deaf Culture
  • Build confidence to express proper ASL grammar
  • Gain ability to ask simple questions and follow short, simple responses
  • Work on receptive skills is key in learning

Topics Covered: Facial expressions & body language, Numbers 1 – 100, ABCs, Colors, Pronouns, Everyday Phrases, People, Food…