ASL 2 – Spring 2022 – Tuesday @7:30pm


ASL 2 – Advanced beginner ASL course. 10 weeks of 1 hour  classes. Live teacher with a group online.





If you want to grow your vocabulary, work on receptive skills, learn new sign language topics and to engage in more than very basic conversations, ASL 2 is for you. Topics range from around the house, to clothing, personal hygiene to everyday routine.

Starts: Tuesday April 12, 2022
Maximum 15 participants
Age 16+ (please contact for special consideration)
10 weekly sessions
7:30pm to 8:30pm EST
$150 (no refund)

You will be able to have dialogue from 1st class
Have better practice for your receptive skills and fingerspelling
Can initiate and respond to simple statements on very familiar topics
Learn everyday expressions aimed at the satisfaction of simple needs

Topics covered: Topics covered: Around the house, Clothing, Personal Hygiene, Animals, Sports…