ASL 3 – Winter 2022 – Thursdays @ 7pm


ASL 3 – Intermediate ASL course. 10 weeks of 1 hour  classes. Live teacher with a group online.    



If you want to grow your vocabulary, work on receptive skills, learn new sign language topics and to engage in more than very basic conversations, ASL 3 is for you. Topics range from around the house, to clothing, personal hygiene to everyday routine.

Starts Thursday January 13, 2021
Maximum 15 participants
Age 16+ (please contact for special consideration)
10 weekly sessions
7:00pm to 8:00pm EST
$150 (no refund)

You will be able to build on the dialogue techniques from the ASL 2 course.
Always more vocabulary to extend your learning to form sentences, describe people and things and enhance your ASL grammar. Practicing receptive skills. Have conversations about people, trips, banking and more.