Initial consultation


A short initial consultation with Leah is free!



Book an initial consultation with Leah

A short initial consultation with Leah is free!

What exactly is a consultant?

A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in an area such as communication access. They pull from their niche experience, industry understanding and problem-solving abilities to offer valuable advice to a client.

Who do you typically consult?

Consulting services are best suited for ambitious businesses and organizations – those who want to move forward in access. Working together, we find ways to identify and address potential barriers and improve access in your particular environment.

How do we meet and for how long?

Initial consultation is at no charge. Consultation meetings are typically done using Zoom (or similar video conferencing platform) during regular business hours and are up to a half hour long. This gives space for discussion about what program is best suited to your needs. Additional sessions may be longer or more frequent depending on the type of program selected.