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When it comes to the workplace, it is extremely important to continuously improve communication and inclusivity for all members.

With Sign2Work, our customized lessons provide businesses with the skills and knowledge they need to communicate effectively with their Deaf and signing employees and clients. Register below.

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Our experienced instructors provide engaging and interactive lessons that cover everything from basic workplace interactions to specialized topics like legal or medical terminology. Plus, our resources and ongoing support make it easy for businesses to integrate sign language communication into their everyday operations.

By participating in Sign2Work, businesses can create a more inclusive and welcoming workplace environment that benefits everyone. Join us today and start learning the sign language skills you need to thrive in sign language communication. With Sign2Work, you’ll not only improve the workplace communication, but also enhance your reputation as a socially responsible and inclusive organization!

What People Are Saying

"Leah's training not only prepared our staff for working with children who are deaf or hard of hearing but also for working with all children in an inclusive manner. Her humour and approachable teaching style allowed our team to be open and engaged while participating in our 2 day workshop. This was such an important initial step to increasing access to camps and programs to children in the deaf community, and although we know we still have a lot of work to do, Leah left our team feeling empowered and with the skills required to move forward."
Sara Bolton
Boys and Girls Club, SouthEast
"I am the Lifestyle Manager at Kingsbridge Retirement and my residents were interested in learning Sign Language as we have recently recruited a server who uses only Sign. We had 10 residents between the ages of 70-90+ who eagerly attended every class. Leah was an AMAZING teacher who had so much patience."
Karina Stickle
Kingsbridge Retirement

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