Taking all of your knowledge to the next level, Sign2Chat is our innovative dialogue-based program designed for intermediate sign language learners. In order to sign up for this course, you must have completed our Sign2Thrive course and are ready to further develop your skills.

Even immediate or advanced students will benefit from the resources, practice, and feedback provided in Sign2Chat.

The next Sign2Chat program will begin in January, and run for 10 weeks, with access to online video lessons, as well as scheduled online group practice sessions via Zoom.

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Self-paced Online or Virtual Sessions
You Choose!

Sign2Chat includes pre-class videos to help students prepare for the in-class dialogue, where they can practice their skills in a supportive and interactive environment. Our experienced instructors will guide learners through each dialogue, providing feedback and support to help them improve.

In addition to practicing dialogues with instructors, students will also have the opportunity to review their performance with their peers and discuss best practices for improving their communication skills. With Sign2Chat, you’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to engage in meaningful conversations with the Deaf and signing communities.

So why wait? Sign up for Sign2Chat today and take the next step towards becoming a skilled and confident communicator in sign language! But remember, our Sign2Thrive course is a prerequisite for Sign2Chat, so be sure to complete that course first to get the most out of this program. Whether you’re an intermediate learner looking to develop your skills, or an advanced student looking for additional practice, Sign2Chat has something to offer for everyone.

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